Magento Support: Swatches Setup

How to Setup Swatches in Magento

Swatches provide an alternate way to display the selection of options for configurable products. Rather than choosing an option from a drop-down list, customers can make their selection by clicking a swatch. You can use configurable swatches on the product page, product list, and in layered navigation. We will discuss how to setup swatches in Magento. Continue reading Magento Support: Swatches Setup

Magento Support: Product Images

Product Images in Magento

Using images of consistent quality, size, and proportion gives your product catalog a professional look with commercial appeal. Also, if you have a large catalog with several images per product, you can easily have hundreds, if not thousands of product images to manage. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to establish a naming convention for your image files, and organize them so you can find the originals if you ever need them. Therefore, we will discuss support topics for product images in Magento. Continue reading Magento Support: Product Images

Magento Support: Minimum Advertised Price

Minimum Advertised Price in Magento

Merchants are sometimes prohibited from displaying a price that is lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Magento’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) gives you the ability to remain in compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements while offering your customers a better price. Because requirements differ from one manufacturer to another, you can configure your store to prevent the display of your actual price on pages where it is not allowed to appear according to the terms of the manufacturer. We will discuss some support topics for Minimum Advertised Price in Magento. Continue reading Magento Support: Minimum Advertised Price

Magento Support: Special Price

Special Price in Magento

To offer a Special Price in Magento, enter a discounted price. Then, complete the date range fields to establish when the promotion goes into effect. The regular price will be crossed out on both the catalog list and product pages. The Special Price appears in bold red.

Continue reading Magento Support: Special Price

Magento Support: Product Pricing

Product Pricing in Magento

Magento Community Edition supports a number of pricing options that you can use for promotions, and to meet minimum advertised price requirements. You can use the Prices tab to establish the pricing structure of the product. Options include special and tier pricing, and manufacturer’s suggested retail price. We will discuss product pricing in Magento. Continue reading Magento Support: Product Pricing

Magento Support: Product Alerts

Product Alerts in Magento

One of the many great features of eCommerce is product alerts in Magento. You can enable your customers to subscribe to two types of customer alerts by email: price change alerts and in-stock alerts. For each alert type, choose whether to enable users to subscribe to it, and select the email template to use. Also, select a sender display name, which applies to both alert types. We will discuss product alerts in Magento. Continue reading Magento Support: Product Alerts

Magento Support: Out of Stock Threshold

Out of Stock Threshold in Magento

You can define an inventory level that becomes the threshold to determine when an item needs to be reordered. The out of stock threshold is set to a number above zero. Therefore, we will discuss the out of stock threshold in Magento and how to manage it. Continue reading Magento Support: Out of Stock Threshold