Centennial Arts Email Sending Limits

Centennial Arts places restrictions on the number of caMail messages users can send per day and the number of recipients per message to ensure the security of their accounts and the integrity of their systems. If your users exceed an email sending limit, they’ll get an error message, such as:

  • You have reached a limit for sending email.
  • You reached a caMail sending limit.

After a user reaches one of these thresholds, they will be unable to send any further messages for up to 24 hours. They will, however, be able to check their Centennial Arts email and utilize any other features for which they have paid. Once the suspension time ends, users’ sending quotas are reloaded and they can send messages again.

Centennial Arts Limits

Sending restrictions are subject to change at anytime. Daily limits are calculated on a 24-hour basis and not according to a certain time of day.  The purpose of this feature is to limit abuse.

Maximum messages per day = 960
Daily sending limit per user account

Total recipients per day = 960
Email addresses (recipients) count each time a message is sent; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 50 total recipients.


caShopping: Fees & Policies


  • Purchasing fees – Centennial Arts receives 10% of sales that a merchant makes.
  • Shipping fees – Customers (buyers) will cover shipping fees. If a merchant has the wrong shipping weight on an item, he or she will be responsible for covering the difference.

NOTE: It is important for merchants to put the correct weight of items when shipping, as we are not responsible for any costs incurred due to incorrect shipping weight.


  • Return policy – If an item is returned by a customer, the customer will receive 5% of the return. This is because the credit card processors keep 5% of the fees. Centennial Arts receives 10% of sells that merchants make, so if a customer returns an item, we will keep 5% to cover credit card fees and processing.

Sync Issues in Outlook

sync issues in Outlook

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If you have used the Mailbox Cleanup tool to look at the size of your Outlook folders, you may have noticed three or more folders starting with “Sync Issues.” While you can empty the “Sync Issues\Conflicts” folder with the Mailbox Cleanup tool, that still leaves others. We will discuss sync issues in Outlook.

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Contacts and Calendars for CA Email Accounts on Android

Centennials Arts has added new features to our email services, including contacts and calendaring systems that you can access from all devices and clients. We have put together the steps on how to add contacts for CA email accounts on Androids.

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Network Support: FAQs

If you are utilizing our networking services, you may have some questions on how everything works. We have put together of a list of our support articles for you to browse, and hopefully answer questions you might have. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Centennial Arts if you have any questions you don’t see answered below!

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How to Access Your Network with Bad or No Internet Connection

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Working from home by accessing your network share at the office has numerous perks. However, having a bad internet connection can be frustrating. Thankfully, you can still access your network using Offline Mode.

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