WordPress: Tips on Writing Posts


The purpose of writing posts are to express yourself by saying or showing anything you want on your WordPress site. Here are some tips you need to know to help you write your posts in WordPress.

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WordPress: Tips on Visual/HTML


When you click to preview your article before publishing, sometimes the format looks completely different than what is on your WordPress visual screen. Here are some tips to help you change the format of your article in both visual and HTML to ensure the format on your preview will be what you want.

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WordPress: Glossary


Before posting your first post through WordPress, you might want to know about all the features it has and what they mean. Each tool has a different purpose and this glossary will help you understand each term before starting empty-handed with your first post. This list of terms and tools will keep you from being lost and confused when reading the other articles of support on WordPress, such as Tips on Visual/HTML, How to Write/Post an Article, and others.

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WordPress: How to Edit Visual/HTML


When writing your post, you have the option of using the Visual or HTML mode of the editor. Whats the difference? The visual mode lets you see your post as is, while the HTML mode shows you the code and replaces the editor buttons with quicktags. These quicktags are explained in the article.

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