Magento Support: Navigation

Navigation in Magento - Magento logo

The term navigation in Magento refers to the methods shoppers use to move from page to page throughout your store. The main menu, or top navigation of your store is actually a list of category links. The category structure of your catalog is the main way people find products in your catalog. You will also find categories in the breadcrumb trail that runs across the top of most pages, and in the “layered navigation” that appears on the left side of some two- or three-column pages. These are all examples of how you can use categories to navigate throughout your store.

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How to Use KeePass to Log Into Websites

how to use Keepass to log into websites - Keepass icon

In the last guide, we discussed how to set up your KeePass Database. Now that you are ready to utilize KeePass, we will cover exactly how you will use KeePass in most common situations, including how to use KeePass to log into websites. Below is a step-by-step guide to utilize KeePass’ features such as auto-typing your login information.

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