Adjusting Spam Filter on Email


These instructions are set to create a filter that marks mail as spam at a lower point than where we set it.

Log into Webmail and click Settings.
Click on the Filters tab.
Click on the Filter Set of your choice.
Click on the Add Filter sign (+).

In the box labeled “Filter Name,” give a name to the filter. Under “For incoming mail,” bubble in “matching any of the following rules”:

  • Set the first dropdown box to “[…]”
  • In the next box, type in “X-Spam-Level”
  • Set the next dropdown box to “contains”
  • In the final box, type in “***”

Under “…execute the following actions,” set the dropdown boxes to the following:

  • First box: “Move message to”
  • Second Box: “Junk”
Click Save.


For more help or inquires regarding adjusting spam filter on email, feel free to contact us below either through Email or Phone!

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