Using a Get Quote System through Magento

maxresdefaultMany of our clients have asked for our help when it comes to managing a “Get a Quote” system through Magento. Whether it be using a quotation grid, the quotation detail page, editing or creating a quote, or even a file upload, it can be a little overwhelming at first. This article will break down the basics of using a “Get A Quote” system through Magento to assist you with managing your eCommerce Quotation system.

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Introduction to Your Blog

featured_wordpress1Having a blog is essential for any business. A blog can drive traffic to your website, increase your search engine optimization (SEO), position your brand as an industry leader and help develop better customer relationships. The questions that concern many though are, “Where do I start?”and “How does a blog work?” Here is a basic introduction to help get you started on your blog and how to manage it.

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Magento SUPEE-6788 Patch

MagentoLogoMagento released a patch, SUPEE-6788, on October 27, 2015. This patch addresses protection against security related issues such as information leaks and remote code execution. A site can be compromised in many ways by these types of threads such as potentially having malware scripts running on your server or having sensitive information stolen. This patch allows Magento store owners to protect against these security compromises. Although, unlike most patches, it can be a little confusing to implement. Before implementing this patch, here are a few things you need to know.

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Setup Tax Exemption in your eCommerce


Many may be wondering how to setup tax exemption in their eCommerce stores for their customers. There is a simple step-by-step process this article will discuss to set up tax exemption for your customers in your eCommerce store through Magento.

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