eCommerce Products


With eCommerce, one of the most important things (and the whole point) of the service is to sell products. These instructions will help you learn how to add the products, add images to your products, manage product attributes, and manage product tags.

Helpful Tip:

Please ensure to do the following to make a product visible:

  • Under “General” tab, ensure “status” is “Enabled”
  • Under “Categories” tab, check the categories you wish the product to be available in, otherwise, the customer will need to know the direct link of the product in order to see it.
  • Under the “Inventory” tab, set “Manage Stock” to “No” or if set to “Yes”, define “Quantity” as greater then “0” and change the “Stock Availability” from “Out of Stock” to “In Stock”

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How To Set Up Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Email SetupThis guide outlines the procedure to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 to interface with the Centennial Arts email server. Before attempting this guide, make sure you have configured an email account with Centennial Arts and have the username and password information on hand.

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Signature Setup


What is an automated signature? It is a signature is automatically placed at the bottom of all emails you compose or reply to. Under your “signature,” or typed name, you can also put your contact information. This saves a lot of time and allows all of the recipients to have access to your contact information in any email you send.

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Automated Response Emails

10411912_754670721247325_7351352056271112011_nWhat are Automated Response Emails? Automated Response emails are perfect for when you go on a business trip or vacation and can not be there to answer any emails until a later date. When someone tries to send you an email, an automatic response email will be sent back letting them know that you are out of the office and will not be able to respond until a certain date. This message can be personalized in any way you choose. Continue reading Automated Response Emails