Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 Release Notes

Magento Community Edition 1.9.1

We are pleased to bring to you Magento Community Edition 1.9.1, which includes new features, security enhancements, expanded support for responsive design, improved SEO, and numerous other improvements and fixes.

Magento Community Edition 1.9.1

New Features


Swatches provide a visual way to present configurable product options.

Rather than choosing an option from a drop-down list, customers can make a selection by clicking a swatch that depicts the color, fabric, texture, and so on. Swatches can be configured to change the product image when clicked.

Expanded Support for Responsive Design

Magento’s responsive design theme now supports all core Magento features, including gift registries, downloadable products, multiple wish lists, add-to-cart by SKU, and private sales. It has never been easier to create a mobile-friendly site.

In addition, responsive email templates make it possible for customers to read order confirmation emails and newsletters on any device.

Google Universal Analytics

Support for Google Universal Analytics gives you the ability to define additional custom dimensions and metrics for tracking.

Universal Analytics supports offline and mobile app interactions, and includes access to ongoing updates.

Security Enhancements

Security enhancements include the following:

  • To change an administrator password from the Admin, you must first enter the existing password.
  • Customer passwords are no longer stored in clear text during registration.
  • Customers in the store can no longer see the names of other users, as had been reported in certain circumstances.
  • Added a secure cookie flag for the storefront to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. There is no change to the Secure and Unsecure Web configuration options.
  • Resolved potential Remote Code Execution exploit.¹
  • Resolved a potential XML External Entity Processing (XXE) exploit that might lead to a Denial of Service attack.

Technical Updates and Solutions

MySQL 5.6

MySQL 5.6 improves site speed and scalability, reduces memory usage on the database server, and includes enhanced debugging tools.

OpenPHP 5.5

PHP 5.5 provides security improvements and ensures continued access to code updates. After upgrading from PHP 5.3, some customers report performance improvements up to 25%.

Zend Framework 1.12.7

The Zend Framework version has been updated to 1.12.7.


The following patch is available for this release in the Download section of your Magento account.

Swatch Thumbnails in Search Results

Swatch image thumbnails in search results do not enlarge when clicked. To correct the issue, apply the following patch:

Swatch Fallback Issue

The following patch corrects an issue that prevented fallback swatch images from loading from the media/wysiwyg/swatches directory.

  1. Clone the patch from github.
  2. Copy the patch file, swatchesfallback.patch to your Magento installation directory. For example: /var/www/magento
  3. Apply the patch as follows:

    patch -p1 < swatchesfallback.patch

    If the patch is successful, the following message appears:

    patching file app/code/core/Mage/ConfigurableSwatches/Helper/Productimg.php

    If you get an error, make sure that you have the correct patch file. Then, verify the command syntax, and try again.

Solution for Mobile “Invalid data” Message

Magento Mobile uses the XmlConnect module to provide mobile phone storefront. Because XmlConnect is disabled by default, users who try to view your mobile storefront might see the error, “The server responded with invalid data.”

Step 1: Edit the XmlConnect file on the server:
  1. Log in to your Magento server as a user with root privileges.
  2. Open the Mage_XmlConnect.xml file in a text editor.

    [your Magento install dir]app/etc/modules/Mage_XmlConnect.xml

    The path looks something like this:

    vim /var/www/html/magento/app/etc/modules/Mage_XmlConnect.xml

  3. Change the <active> element from “false” to “true.”


  4. Save your changes and exit the text editor.
Step 2: Flush the Magento Cache
  1. Log in to the Magento Admin as an administrator.
  2. On the Admin menu, select System > Cache Management.
  3. Click Flush Magento Cache.

Changes in This Release


  • Orders with PayPal now have a link that enables the administrator to view the order on the PayPal site.²
  • Updated PayPal buttons for US-based stores.
  • The PayPal “Bill Me Later” logo and name have been changed to “PayPal Credit.”
  • PayPal Credit (Bill Me Later) options now appear only for U.S. stores.
  • Check out with PayPal and PayPal Credit buttons now appear on the product pages for gift cards and dynamic bundled products.
  • Configuration changes to PayPal Express Checkout:
    Shortcut on Shopping Cart renamed to “Display on Shopping Cart” and moved from Basic to Advanced section. As recommended by PayPal, the “Display on Shopping Cart” option is now “Yes.”
  • The PayPal Standard API has been replaced with the newer PayPal Express Checkout API.

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are more important than ever before. In addition to indexing and other core functions, all Magento e-mails (including order confirmation and transactional) are now queued and sent according to your configured Cron schedule.

Important! You must configure Cron to run as the web server user. Otherwise, you will experience issues such as not being able to reindex from the Magento Admin.

Tax Rate Wildcards

When defining a tax rate, you can now use a wildcard character for State in any locale.

Miscellaneous Fixes


  • Resolved a cache-related issue that caused the storefront to become unresponsive.


  • Improved calculation performance on configurable products with thousands of attributes.
  • Resolved exceptions when the category flat index is enabled.


  • The CMS now handles HTML5 tags properly.³
  • Widget links for category and product work correctly after a Magento upgrade.
  • Widget links to subcategories no longer return “HTTP 404 (Not Found).”

Customer Groups

  • A discount is applied to all members of an eligible customer group.

Daylight Savings Time

  • Magento correctly calculates the Daylight Savings Time offset.


  • Improved indexing performance.4
  • Resolved index lock issues.
  • Removed the message, “One or more of the Indexes are not up to date”after a change to product attributes.

Payment Processor

  • PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for a refund now persists in the transaction’s comment history. IPN postback now sends a verification after an error.
  • Order status can be changed to “Processing” if a transaction is accepted from the PayPal Admin.
  • Updated the URL redirect for PayPal Express Checkout (Payflow Edition).
  • Corrects errors with PayPal checkout in the event of a one-cent rounding error.

Price Rules

  • Catalog price rule expiration dates are observed.
  • The database and prices update correctly when catalog price rules are created or edited.
  • Catalog price rules apply to customer groups correctly.
  • Resolved intermittent issues applying catalog price rules.
Shopping Cart
  • If a price rule applies to more than one item in the cart, all eligible items get the discount.
  • Shopping cart price rules apply correctly for bundle products.

Product Relationships

  • Related product prices appear correctly on the product page, excluding and including tax.
  • Upsells display the correct product.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the “Starting at” price for grouped products that disappeared when used in an upsell.

Responsive Theme

  • Billing agreement pages
  • Checkout gift messages
  • Configurable product prices do not change position
  • Cross-sell products on the product page
  • Firefox display issues related to the PayPal Credit banner. We observed display issues with bundle and gift card products in the storefront.
  • Gift option checkbox
  • Google Chrome correctly displays items in lists on Windows 8.5
  • My Account pages6
  • New products created with the Catalog New Product List widget
  • Page breadcrumbs
  • Pages with both PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Credit buttons
  • Pages with popular searches
  • Pages with recurring profiles
  • Pages with tags
  • PayPal Credit banner displays properly on a checkout page with bundled products
  • PayPal Credit logo (formerly Bill Me Later)
  • Polls widget
  • Prices excluding and including tax on the product, checkout, and mini-checkout pages
  • Product prices on a search results page
  • Product review link, “Be the first to review this product” appear on a single line. The rating descriptions also appear on a single line
  • Product original price when there is a special price and prices including/excluding taxes
  • Products with fixed product tax (FPT)
  • Recently viewed products
  • Related product prices, excluding and including tax, display correctly on the product page.
  • Sitemap
  • Verify by Visa and Master Card SecureCode logos when checking out using
  • Year field appears in the proper location after a customer enters an invalid credit card expiration date.
Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
  • On the product page, the price is crossed out for any product that has a minimum advertised price.
  • On product pages, the links, “Click for price” and “What’s this?” appear on separate lines.
  • For a grouped product with a minimum advertised price (MAP), product and pricing information display correctly in the shopping cart.
  • Configuring MAP to display On Gesture causes the MAP price to display in alignment with other elements on the page.
  • The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) displays correctly on all pages.
Mobile Devices
  • Products can be downloaded to a mobile device.
PHTML Templates
  • Hard-coded, untranslatable words were removed from .phtml templates.7


  • Products with visibility set to Catalog, Search now consistently display in search results.


Errors no longer appear when you switch to website scope while editing payment methods.


  • You can create more than one rewrite in the form product/{product_id} per store, per product.
  • The canonical URL in search results is the actual URL, not the rewrite URL.8
  • Links in the sitemap have search engine optimized (SEO) URLs.


  • You can use USPS to ship to an Armed Forces Middle East address.


We’d like to thank the following members of the Magento Community for their contributions to this release:

  1. Matt Barrah, Resolve Remote Code Execution Exploit
  2. Florinel Chis of Elastera, view PayPal orders from Admin
  3. Alan Storm, CMS handling of HTML5 tags
  4. Tim Bezhasvyly, improved indexing performance
  5. Stewart Kelt, improved format of list items in Google Chrome 8
  6. Martin Steudter, improved format of My Account Pages
  7. Janwillem Oostendorp and Yannis Livasov, removal of untranslatable words from phtml
  8. Colin Mollenhour, canonical URL in search results

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