Steps to Process FedEx Shipping in Magento

FedEx Shipping

Many of our clients have been having difficulty with processing FedEx shipping in Magento. Therefore, we have put together some basic steps to assist you with doing this.

How to Process FedEx Shipping in Magento

Step 1

Create an Order, either frontend or backend, with the shipping method as one of the FedEx methods.

Step 2

Handle any other pre-shipping tasks, such as Invoicing.

Step 3

While on the order page, click “Ship” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 4

Confirm the general information is correct, then check the box “Create Shipping Label” right above the “Submit Shipment” button.

Step 5

Click “Submit Shipment” and make sure to accept pop-ups.

Step 6

At this point the package creation window will appear. Make sure to fill this out fully.

  1. Select Add Products
  2. Check all products
  3. Select Add Selected Product(s) to Package
  4. Define the following: Length, Width, and Height

Step 7

Once you fill everything out, “OK” will turn orange. Click OK.

Step 8

You will return to the order page. At this point, you can view the shipment. It will have a tracking number.

Step 9

Go to the Shipments tab in the first column and then select the shipment.

Step 10

You will see the options to Print Shipping Label under the section labeled Shipping and Tracking Information.


Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how to process FedEx shipping in Magento.

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