How to Create a Simple Product in Magento 2

A Simple Product is the popular product type in Magento 2. It is the foundation of Grouped Products, Bundle Products, Downloadable Products, Configurable Products and Virtual Products. Simple Products are most commonly used on Magento stores. Therefore, as an online store owner, you can sell the Simple Product separately or sell it as a part of the grouped, bundle or configurable product. We will explain how to create a Simple Product in Magento 2.

Creating a Simple Product in Magento 2

Choose the Product Type

  1. Log in to the Admin and click Products on the Admin sidebar. Then, click Catalog under Inventory.Simple Product in Magento 2 - Product Catalog
  2. Click the Add Product menu in the upper-right corner. Then, select Simple ProductSimple Product in Magento 2 - Add Product Dropdown

Choose the Product Template (Optional)

  1. If you have different Attributes Sets in you store, you will need to select the correct set before filling in the fields for the product. Enter or select the Template Name in the Search box.
  2. Choose the Template that you want to use from the list. The fields will update to reflect the Template. Simple Product in Magento 2 - Product Template

Complete the Required Fields

  1. In the Product Details section, complete the following:
    • Enter the Product Name.
    • You can either use the default SKU that is based on the Product Name, or enter another.
    • Enter the Price of the Product.
  2. Set the Tax Class as either None or Taxable Goods.
    Simple Product in Magento 2 - Product Details
  3. If you are ready to add a Product Image, do one of the following:
    • Drag an image from your desktop and drop it on the Camera tile in the Images and Videos box.
    • Click the Camera tile in the Images box. Navigate the image file on your computer. Then, select the image and click Open. A placeholder will appear until you upload a Product Image. Simple Product in Magento 2 - Images and Videos
  4. Input the Quantity of the product that is currently in stock.
  5. Enter the product Weight.
  6. To assign the product a Category, perform one of the following:
    • Begin by searching to find a match. Then, select the Category.
    • Click Show List to see the Category tree. Then, click on each Category that you want to assign to the Product.
    • Click New Category and enter the Category Name. Then, choose the Parent Category to determine its position in the menu structure. Lastly, click Create CategorySimple Product in Magento 2 - Category
  7. Enter the Description of the Product directly into the text box and format it as needed.
  8. Click Save to publish the product.Simple Product in Magento 2 - Product Description
  9. To view the product in your store, click on the Admin menu in the upper-right hand corner. Then, select Customer View.


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