How to Create Bundle Products in Magento 2

To offer your clients a customizable group of products, you can create a Bundle Product. A Bundle Product is a separate product that consists of several product options. You can sell Simple Products and Virtual Products as parts of a Bundle Product. We will explain how to create Bundle Products in Magento 2.

Creating Bundle Products in Magento 2

Choose the Product Type

  1. Login into the admin dashboard and select Products. Then, select Catalog. Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Product Catalog
  2. Click on the Add Product menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Bundle Product from the dropdown. Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Add Bundle Product

Enter the Information for Product Name, SKU, Price, Weight and Images

  1. Enter the Product Name.
  2. Set the SKU, Price and Weight to be either Dynamic or Fixed. If you want the price to change according to options selected, then chose Dynamic Price. Conversely, Fixed Price will allow you to set the price for the Bundle Product that will not depend on customers’ choices. Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Product Details
  3. Under the Images and Videos, upload images for this Bundle ProductBundle Products in Magento 2 - Images and Videos

Add Products to Option

  1. In the Bundle Items tab, click the Add Options button to add product options to the bundle. For instance, if a customer is purchasing a shirt and a pair of pants they can choose a shirt to add to their bundle and select the type of shirt they want to buy. This requires you to add more than two options to a Bundle Product. Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Bundle Items
  2. Fill out the required blank Optional Title. Then, click Add Products to OptionBundle Products in Magento 2 - Optional Title
  3. Mark the checkbox of each that you want to include in this option. Then, click Add Selected Products.Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Add Products to OptionBundle Products in Magento 2 - Bundle Items Appearance
  4. Repeat the Add Products to Option step until all needed options are created.
  5. Once you have added created all needed options, click Save. Go to the frontend and you will be able to view your Bundle Product.Bundle Products in Magento 2 - Save


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