Using KeePass To Log Into Websites

keepass_iconIn the last guide, we discussed how to set up your KeePass Database. Now that you are set and ready to utilize KeePass, we will cover exactly how you will use KeePass in most common situations. Below is a step by step guide to utilize KeePass’ features such as auto-typing your login information.

1. Getting Started

To start things off, find your KeePass program, for this guide, I will be launching from the install folder. During installation you should have designated an install path or opted to have a shortcut created on your desktop. The file in question is highlighted in red.


2. Database Creation / Entry Usage

In the previous article, I covered most of this information. If you have not read the previous article, feel free to follow this link to learn how to set up databases and add entries. For this article I already have a database created.

Using KeePass, I will use my “CaMail” entry to automatically log into my Centennial Arts Web Mail platform. To set up an entry to do this, right click your KeePass window and press Add Entry. Once there, enter your CaMail login credentials.

Note: If you do not have an Email account with us, you can use your email provider of choice as a substitute.

My CaMail entry is set up like this:

SubEntryThis is what the entry shall look like in your KeePass directory.

Right clicking your entry and selecting Edit Entry will bring you to this window, fill out the boxes accordingly with your email log in credentials. Only you will have access to this file, so don’t worry about being secure!

3. Using Your Entry

Now that we are all set up and good to go, navigate to your email login panel. If you added a URL to your entry like I did, you can right click the entry in KeePass, drag your mouse to URL(s), and now you can select which browser you would like to use to open the designated URL.


Once you are at your log in screen, you can select your entry and press Ctrl + V, this will automatically enter your credentials and in the end, log you into your webmail.


This wraps up our tutorial on how to utilize KeePass to quickly and effectively log into any web page you desire, for more questions or inquiries feel free to contact us using the buttons below!

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