Setup Tax Exemption in your eCommerce


Many may be wondering how to setup tax exemption in their eCommerce stores for their customers. There is a simple step-by-step process this article will discuss to set up tax exemption for your customers in your eCommerce store through Magento.

Step 1

Create a new “Customer Tax Class”.

Customer Tax Class

 Step 2

Click “Add New”.

Customer Tax Classes

New Class

 Step 3

Create a new Customer Group.

Customer Groups

Customer Groups 2

New Customer Group

 Step 4

We will now see our new “Tax Exempt” Group.

Tax Exempt

 Step 5

Next we can take a look at the “Tax Rules” that are setup:

Tax Rules

 Step 6

We will notice that the Tax Rule only applies to Customer Tax Class “Retail Customer”.

Manage Tax Rules

Edit Rule

 Step 7

Now we can assign customers to our new “Tax Exempt” group.

Tax Exempt Group

Customer Information

Once this setup has been completed run a test transaction for this customer to ensure that they are NOT charged tax when shipping to a state that you would normally be charging tax for.


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