Getting Started With caWeb Designer

Centennial Arts -- Website Designer 2013-12-02 17-12-24Getting started with the caWeb designer is easy. If you like doing things yourself your in the right place.  With hundreds of themes, headers, and footers being created every month. You can build your site the way you want it.  Today, I will show you how to open a project and select a theme for your website.

Click this link to order the caWeb Website Designer.

Instructions on how to use caWeb Website Designer.


Once you have caWeb Website Designer open. Click on publishers.


Once You have the publishers open you will see your project.


When you click on the project you will be prompted to add a page.


After you added a page you need to select a theme.


Setting page details are important you need this information to navigate through the site properly.


When you set the key words it makes it easier to find on Google and Bing.


The description is to describe your page on Google or Bing.


When you check the home pages box it makes that page appear first.

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