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10411912_754670721247325_7351352056271112011_nWhat is Email Forwarding? Email Forwarding means automatically forwarding any emails sent to all of your accounts to one specific account. With this, you will not have to check each email account separately, but all at once.

How do I set this up?

Log into Webmail and click Settings.
Click on the Filters tab.
Click on the Filter Set of your choice. Make sure the Filter is enabled as well.
Click on the Add Filter sign (+).

In the box labeled “Filter Name,” give a name to the filter.

Under “For incoming mail,” bubble in “matching any of the following rules”:

  • Set the first drop-down box to “From”
  • Set the second drop-down box to “is equal to”
  • Type in one of your email addresses in the third box

Click the add (+) button to add another email address, repeat previous steps.

Under “…execute the following actions,” set the drop-down boxes to the following:

  • First box: “Send message copy to”
  • Second Box: Type in your destination email address (where you want all of your emails from other accounts to link to)
Click Save.


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