Magento Support: Navigation



The term navigation refers to the methods shoppers use to move from page to page
throughout your store. The main menu, or top navigation of your store is actually a list
of category links. The category structure of your catalog is the main way people find
products in your catalog. You will also find categories in the breadcrumb trail that runs
across the top of most pages, and in the “layered navigation” that appears on the left
side of some two- or three-column pages. These are all examples of how categories can
be used to navigate throughout your store.

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eCommerce Special Prices


This tutorial will help you learn how to change the prices of your products and set promotional campaigns. These are discounts which are valid only within the period defined in Special Price From Date and Special Price To Date, and this option is not affected by the quantity of purchased products.

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eCommerce Categories


If you need help creating and managing eCommerce categories, this tutorial will show you how to create a category, add a category image, and list all available categories.

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eCommerce Products


With eCommerce, one of the most important things (and the whole point) of the service is to sell products. These instructions will help you learn how to add the products, add images to your products, manage product attributes, and manage product tags.

Helpful Tip:

Please ensure to do the following to make a product visible:

  • Under “General” tab, ensure “status” is “Enabled”
  • Under “Categories” tab, check the categories you wish the product to be available in, otherwise, the customer will need to know the direct link of the product in order to see it.
  • Under the “Inventory” tab, set “Manage Stock” to “No” or if set to “Yes”, define “Quantity” as greater then “0” and change the “Stock Availability” from “Out of Stock” to “In Stock”

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